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International Online Application Open 2023

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Recognitions & Achievements


The Vel Tech Mahatma Gandhi National Merit Scholarship Scheme was passionately introduced by Col. Prof. Vel. Dr. R. Rangarajan, Chancellor & Founder President and Dr. Sagunthala Rangarajan, Foundress President of the Institution with the prime objective to provide affordable world-class education to aspiring students irrespective of their financial means.

Steps to Follow
  • Specialization
    a) Computational Engineering
    b) Autonomous Drone Technology
    a) UAV Remote Sensing & Mapping
    a) Aerial Robotics
  • B.Tech. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science
  • B.Tech. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Specialization:
    a) AI in Healthcare Techonology
    a) Brain Computer Interface
    a) Precision Healthcare Technology
  • Specialization:
    a) Food and Precision Agriculture
    a) Bioprocess Control & Devices
    a) Bioengineering
  • Specialization:
    a) Computer Aided Infrastructure Engineering
    a) Remote Sensing and GIS
    a) Infrastructure Engineering
  • Specialization:
    a) Artificial Intelligence
    b) Data Science
    c) Cyber Security
    d) Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
    e) Artificial Intelligence & Data Science
    f) Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
    g) Financial Technology
    h) Gaming and Animation
  • B.Tech. Computer Science and Design
  • Specialization:
    a) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    b) Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
    c) Cyber Security
    a) Smart Communication Technologies
    b) Smart Automation
    a) Artificial Intelligence for Wireless Communication
    b) VLSI System Design
  • Specialization:
    a) Computer Systems
    a) Electric Vehicle Technology
    b) Renewable Energy Sources
    a) Smart Grid Technologies
  • Specialization:
    a) Cloud Computing
    a) Human Computer Interaction
    a) Artificial Intelligence
  • Specialization:
    a) Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
    b) Mechatronics
    a) Smart Manufacturing
    b) Energy Engineering
    a) Digital Manufacturing
    b) Computational Thermo-Fluids
  • *B.A., LL.B. (Hons)
  • *B.Com., LL.B. (Hons)
  • (*5 years Intergrated Programme)
  • a) B.Sc. Visual Communication
  • b) B.Sc. Multimedia
  • 1) B.Com. General
  • 2) B.Com. Accounting & Finance
  • 3) B.Com. Corporate Secretaryship
  • 4) B.Com. General
  • 5) B.Com. Professional Accounting
  • 6) B.B.A.
  • a) Systems
    b) Marketing
    c) Finance
    d) Business Analytics
    e) Entrepreneurship
    f) Logistics
    g) Retail Management
    h)International Business
  • a) M.Tech. Aeronautical Engineering specialization in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Collaboration with UCAL JAP)
  • b) Structural Engineering
  • c) Environmental Engineering
  • d) Computer Science and Engineering
  • e) Network Engineering
  • f) Big Data Analytics
  • g) Power Electronics
  • h) Embedded Systems and Technologies
  • i) Information and Cyber Security
  • j) Metallurgical and Material Science Engineering
  • k) Biotechnology specilaization in
    Industrial biotechnology
    (Funded by DBT, Govt. of India)
  • 1) Master of Business Administration
  • Dual specialization in
  • a) Human Resource
    b) Marketing
    c) Finance
    d) Business Analytics
    e) Logistics and Shipping Management
  • 2) M.B.A.
  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Venture Developmentl
  • a) M.A. English
  • b) M.Sc. Physics
  • c) M.Sc. Chemistry
  • d) M.Sc. Maths
  • e) Big Data Analytics
  • f) M.Sc. Data Analytics
a) Engineering
b) Science & Humanities
c) M.B.A